On all of SAMSUN Cymbals You get a 1 year manufacturer´s warranty covering material deficiency as well as manufacturing defects. On all ride cymbals and hi-hats You get an elongated manufacturer´s warranty of 2 years. The warranty starts on the date of purchase.

If you notice any kind of damage on your SAMSUN Cymbal, please immediately contact the specialist trader who sold you the product. If you keep playing with a damaged cymbal (e.g. with a cymbal crack) over extended periods, your warranty claim expires. Especially with cracks it is very important to mention that the appraisal of the respective damage is only possible at an elementary stage of it.

As soon as you hand your cymbal to your specialist trader, including a copy of your receipt, it will be send to us. Then, our employees will check the cymbal. If there is no indication for an inappropriate or abusive handling or usage, we self-evidently substitute it for you. In case of warranty you can also send an email to us. In this case all shipping costs must be covered by the customer.

Under the following circumstances, the warranty replacement may be denied:

  • There is no bill, which indicates the purchase date
  • There are recognizable dents, scratches or bulges, indicating inappropriate usage or handling (e.g. wrong choice of sticks, unprotected transport, fall to the bottom, etc.)
  • The cymbal has been modified by the owner or an unauthorized craftsman
  • The cymbal lacks cracked pieces or holes have been gouged to hold back fissures
  • The cymbal shows an obvious keyhole or has been ripped next to the hole
  • Traces of oxidation indicating moist stocking or usage of inappropriate polish